Our prison ministry associates receive two mailings a year free of charge! These mailings include pamphlets, booklets, prayer cards, books and occasionally Bibles and catechisms as well.


CUL is happy to partner with prison ministers [or outreaches] to find a good use for materials that the printing industry calls “seconds.” These are items which are not up to retail standards but are still very useful for individual faith formation.


In addition, we try to fill specific requests from our associates as often as we are able. If you are involved in prison ministry and would like to be an associate, please read the guidelines, fill out the application (see below), and return it to us by fax (1-270-325-3091) or mail to:


Catholics United for Life

Our Mother of Sorrows Prison Ministry Support Program

ATTN: Theresa Smith

PO Box 10     New Hope     KY 40052

Program Details

“No cell is so isolated that it can keep the Lord out. “He is there. He cries with them, works with them, hopes with them. His paternal and maternal love arrives everywhere.”


“I pray for them, that they are in my heart, that I ask the Lord and the Blessed Mother to help them overcome this difficult period in their lives.”


Pope Fancis

 Address to Italian Prison Ministers, 2013